About Us

Dale Diduck

Raised in Jasper, Dale made Gravity Gear what it is today. Infamous. Professional blues drummer in a past life, Dale knows pretty well all there is to know about skiing and climbing around Jasper. He's a wealth of information, a genius of systems, and the kind of guy you want on the other end of the rope. Dale spent his youth whipping up long easy ridges, clipping 5.12, shredding peak-top powder, and cranking up Curtain Call on a cold day.

These days you’ll find him skiing and mountain biking with the kids, working on his cabin in Valemount or driving a snowcat up at Marmot Basin. Next time you see him ask him what's the latest and greatest gear, where to get a good cup of coffee or how to do the sick problems on the Tonquin boulder.

Dani Diduck

Originally from Australia, Dani spends her spare time climbing, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and keeping up with her two active boys. Her newest passion is farming - growing nutritious veggies for her family and friends in her Valemount garden.

Be it marketing, merchandising, accounting, scheduling, or whatever else is needed, Dani is the mastermind behind the scenes that keeps Gravity Gear running like a slick machine. If she’s not at the shop, she’ll likely be pursuing her outdoor passions, hanging with friends or making sure her two busy boys are behaving.

Brad Foss

Brad grew up in Las Vegas and moved to Jasper in 2012. Since then he’s been doing his best to climb everything there is around here. Brad doesn’t discriminate, he’s in for every kind of climbing - ice, rock or plastic in the gym.

Brad is the new gear guy. If you’re looking for the latest gear, need advice on what should be the next tool in your quiver or just want to know where the best climbing is, Brad’s your man.

Wendy Niven

Wendy came to Jasper as a 19-year-old ski bum. After a kid/career-forced hiatus from full-time ski-bumming, Wendy is working hard at regaining her slopestyle mojo. Summer freedom is on the menu as well.

Committed to keeping work to a minimum, you’ll find Wendy at the shop on a part-time basis. Why you NEED that Atom LT jacket, what type of skins work best for the Tonquin Valley and where the best skiing and hiking are is what Wendy’s good at.